making every bite count

the forefront of the food movement


In commercial culinary

We push the boundaries of what’s possible with food. From our groundbreaking products and ingredients to our commitment to sustainability, we’re always looking for new ways to stand out and influence consumer trends.


In research & development

We’re passionate about products that consumers love. Whether we’re building new brands from the ground up or innovating existing products to meet changing consumer needs, our goal is always to create a better product—one that exceeds your customer’s expectations for quality, taste and value.


Of on-trend food

We balance the bold, the unique and the on-trend. Blending our knowledge of food science and culinary trends with our passion for creating great-tasting products to create solutions that are both innovative and practical.

At our core

We work with some of the top foodservice chains, leading CPGs and the biggest foodservice companies in the world to develop products that leverage our expertise in all aspects of manufacturing.

Product Formulation & Manufacturing

State-of-the art R&D kitchen, recipe development, formulations and product performance testing.

Commercial & Consumer Recipe Development

From identifying target audiences and key ingredients to creating and optimizing recipes.

Nutritional Strategy & Communication

Create on-brand menus that reflect the nutritional values to support your mission.

Sensory Testing & Profiling

Develop sensory profiles that reflect brand voice, identity and target audience.