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Taste Buds

a healthier hot dog scores top marks with young students


Create a wow-worthy, one-of-a-kind hot dog that offers improved nutrition for parents and their children while retaining the taste bud-tantalizing deliciousness of the original.

key insight

For years, there have been concerns about how to make healthier hot dogs—even plant-based meat alternatives that had fallen short of replicating the taste and texture of the originals also faced criticism for being ultra-processed and high in calories, with added sugars, salts and fats. Teton Waters Ranch turned to us to create a craveable hot dog that blended the brand’s top-quality, grass-fed beef with real veggies for a truly healthier and tastier alternative.


We designed and commercialized Taste Buds Top Dogs, the first beef hot dogs blended with actual fresh vegetables. Our product innovation maintains the texture and bite of a pure beef hot dog, but with reduced calories, sodium and fat.


Our blended formula helps parents and schools meet their vegetable serving requirements while treating kids to the sheer deliciousness they expect when they bite into a hot dog.